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Women in Letters Magazine - no. 17
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The Women in Letters Research Group, linked to the Faculty of Arts at UFMG since 2006, and registered in the CNPq Directory of Research Groups, is formed by masters and doctors who meet regularly with the purpose of studying the literary production of female authors , discuss academic texts and also plan events and research together.

Among the theses and dissertations defended by members of the group, there are studies on the work of Ana Cristina Cesar, Beatriz Brandão, Cecília Meireles, Carolina Maria de Jesus, Clarice Lispector, Conceição Evaristo, Henriqueta Lisboa, Hilda Hilst, Lya Luft, Lygia Fagundes Telles , Maria Helena Cardoso, Nélida Piñon, among others. We are a family owned and operated business.

The origin of this very special group dates back to 2006, when the teacher dr. Constância Lima Duarte offered the subject "Study of Mineira Writers", in the Post-Graduate Course in Letters - Literary Studies, at UFMG. Then came other disciplines, work meetings, and the bonds of friendship were strengthened, as well as the common objectives of giving visibility to literature produced by women.

To formalize the production that has been carried out since then, the group launched the challenging proposal of producing the "Coloquio Mulheres em Letras", which in 2017 had its 9th edition; launched the Jornal Mulheres em Letras, which became the Revista Mulheres em Letras and is in its 17th edition; has produced anthologies with texts produced by group members and colloquium participants; participates in national and international events that prioritize the literary production of women and keeps alive the desire to research, study and give visibility to female-authored literature.

The Mulheres em Letras website is another legitimate space for debate and dissemination of academic works; communication with other researchers interested in the subject; dissemination of information about the events produced by the group that may interest students, researchers and professors linked to the theme of women in literature. Or women and literature.

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Meus Livros
Live Maria Esther Maciel
Live Maria Esther Maciel
Dia 03/09/2021, 17:00h
Canal do Youtube do Mulheres em Letras
Alexina de Magalhães Pinto Colloquium
Alexina de Magalhães Pinto Colloquium
Jun 28, 2021, 2:00 PM – Jun 29, 2021, 9:00 PM
Online, on the Mulheres em Letras channel
Live Laís Corrêa de Araújo
Live Laís Corrêa de Araújo
10/04, at 7pm. Now available on youtube.


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